Sunday, October 11, 2009

Asmo takes a FORT!!! What???

So yeah yesterday I wrote that I wasnt sure what was going on with the Asmo on my server... Someone must of lit a fire under their asses because last night we had 2 Forts come up to take. The Sulfur fort went to Balur but not without Asmo trying like hell to take it as well. We had all the artifacts but the one on the ground and Elyos couldnt take them back. We had them well defended but the numbers on the Elyos side when we got down to the fort was insane. Balur beat us in the fort and to the Diety. I am not sure how they can get in without beating down the door but whatever hehe.

We Moved to the Western Siel Fort since it was next up. Did the same thing there took all the artifacts... this time we beat the door down and made it in before Balur even showed up. We cleared Elyos and had the Diety down to about a 1/4 of his health when all hell broke loose and he started AOEing like crazy with all the Elyos up top firing down. So we regrouped and went back in ... Wiped Elyos and killed the Diety. Now Asmo owns it's first fort on my server. We had so much fun. WE only had a 4 man group from my legion. Me, Tingting, Arithion and Stoyadoll. 3 Rangers and 1 Chanter lol!!! 200+ Elyos kills plus a fort.. VERY NICE... GRATZ Asmo and thanks guys I had a blast last night.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Game Time

So we have been out gathering, crafting, leveling and just enjoying the game. Last night we were out in Alsig/Fire Temple area doing a few quests and ran into some very unexpected Elyos. Fights ensued and about 15 mins later there were umm a good 10to 15 Elyos bodies laying around. Now we didn't kill them all some of them ran into our guards and died but had an epic fight with a Cleric and Templar. 2 Rangers vs Templar and Cleric. At first we just slept the cleric and went after the Templar. He seemed to be a little harder to kill than we were expecting so we said screw it completely ignored the Temp and took out the cleric. 2 rangers with back to back Silences = dead Cleric. After the Cleric was down didn't take us long to take out the Temp. Much fun :D

We also went to a Fort fight last night as we have a few nights now. I am really wondering somethings about Asmos on my server. I wonder are we just really that unorganized or are we that outnumbered? We can take Artifacts but that is about all I have seen the Asmo's beable to do so far. BTW GZ BD on taking 3 of the 4 Artifacts. Was really cool seeing our name pop up on the screen like that and our logo on the artifacts. All I could see last night was a sea of red, and omg the LAG.. the lag isn't really that bad like it doesn't make me choppy or anything but I don't render shit fast enough. I have it rendered but then all of a sudden it isn't in my range to attack. So where it isn't a visible lag like being choppy ie fps it is really laggy as in rendering people on my screen.

Both Infuse and I are rank 5 in the abyss and up to lvl 35 now. Still having alot of fun and enjoying the game alot. I swear to you Rangers without healers should not be able to pull off some of the things we pull off, just goes to show you again it is really great when you know the person you are playing with and can almost predict what they are going to do. Like las night us finishing off The Missing Father Quest. We did the whole thing solo up until killing the elite overseer which we actually had help from a healer on. Then the healer logged off and Infuse and I had to find the door and go in. We got there and made it inside. Dodging in and out of lvl 36+ elites. Epic! <3 <3 Clyde ;)

Also wanted to welcome Ari and friends to Black Death. As well as some old faces from Warhammer have joined us Bits and BK.. Welcome guys.

Before I go today though I wanted to give another thank you to Legal and Daefire (Ylindra) When ever we need a tank and healer for our group quests or Fire Temple or even just messing around in the Abyss these two always come and help out. So thank you guys very much for allowing us to call on you to help and for taking us along on the things you guys are doing and need done as well :) <3 <3

Friday, October 2, 2009

So level 30 and counting.....

Infuse and I have been leveling like mad people. Rangers Duoing is a little funny to watch at times. Although I think now that we have our detaunt he keeps things detaunted so I am generally tanking things. It is rather interesting having two Rangers with completely different builds. I mean yeah we use the same bows and armor but that is about it. He likes +attack and I like +crit and we both use the HP. I love the system him and I have set up. We can pretty much kill non stop without even talking to each other. Pulling the same mob, sleeping back to back etc.. Granted we both have our oh shit moments but those are few and far between and funny as hell.

This is now my third +20 lvl ranger. To those nah sayers out there that don't like the Ranger because the first 25 or so levels are slow... Well take those first 25 levels and learn how to play a ranger, so you aren't having to kite every single mob. I love the fact that even if we pull two separate mobs at the same time we have them dead before they even get to us.

I went handicrafting again as well. I am lvl 3 in crafting now. I didn't even try for the damn bow that I could never get to crit for Infuse in C-Aion. We actually found a quest item off of some spirts did the quest and got a blue bow that is the equivalent of it. I have made our rings and necklaces without much trouble. Which is great and I have actually been able to make a little money as well. That is one thing I have noticed in NA that I didn't really notice in C-Aion, it takes an ass load of in game money to play this game. Anyway going good so far.

Our Guild rolled on Vaizel, Black Death same as Warhammer. Our podcast as well as my blog have been on hold for a while. I have just been playing the game and started a new job the same week of release so I have been rather busy and spending most of my spare time in game. Our main host Inergy on the podcast has been even more busy than I have in real life and as soon as it settles down we will be back to recording.

Anyway I wanted to give a big thank you to Infuse for being my partner and not yelling at me when I do something silly and get one of us killed. I have really enjoyed all the time from C-Aion to now that we have played together. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. :D <3 <3 <3 Clyde!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Side Note NCSoft Customer Support....

I did want to make a mention of NCSoft's customer support though... I had an issue in OBT that I didnt have in any of the CBT's nor in C-Aion. I kept getting BSOD... So I have Infuse help me, I tell him what it is doing and he tells me where to go and look for the error messages and walks me through a couple of solutions, that winded up not working at all for me. Bless his heart he spent alot of time trying to help me figure it out so I could stay in game longer lol... Anyway I sent in a tech support ticket to NCSoft with all the BSOD error messages and a couple of more things that was causing warnings. Within 24 hours of my original ticket, they had responded to me already, sending me a Diagnostic tool to run and give them a report. As soon as they had the report I was given 2 different solutions. By this time the OBT was over with so I couldn't run the solutions and do what they asked me to do so I called the phone number provided in the email. I talked to a gentleman named Hayden who walked me through some stuff and told me what to do etc, he explained the last email I got in a little more Bel friendly English (computer software for dummies anyone?) Anyway I really cant run the solutions and the game until the game is back up, however he told me to create my characters today and to leave the game open to see if it causes the error again or if the solutions given to me worked. If they didn't work to call them back and hopefully we would have a solution that would work before Sunday. So Kudo's to the NCSoft Tech Support team for putting in that extra effort to make sure we all enjoy our game and if we have problems answering us as soon as possible.

The support team that has been a big part of has always been very prompt in answering questions that they are able and finding the answers if they aren't. So I just really wanted to say from a customers prospective that is used to the non-existent Customer support in other games KUDOS and DOUBLE KUDOS to NCSoft and all of the Tech/Customer Support people you have in place!! Thank you guys :)

3 days and counting...

So 3 days until early release and counting. I really haven't had much of a blog to write lately. I have been hanging out with Infuse in C-Aion a bit and doing other stuff here and there. Trying to get with the guild and pick the best server for everyone. Trying to get with old friends from other games and getting them the proper information so they can join us in Aion.

So have a long discussion over several days our guild finally decided on a server. West Coast server to optimize every one's gaming time. I think it will be a great fit for all of us ...

So today I will make 2 toons. My ranger as my main, Lildevil, I am almost positive that will be her name. My Glad.. I don't know what I am going to name her. I liked her old name but that wont work for release so... I will just have to come up with one. Anyway I will make my toons and then I guess I will sit here and wait until Sunday to actually play. We are planning to only be sub 30 for about a week ... I have my Mountain Dew ready.I think Infuse has our leveling plan all mapped out for us already <3 Hrm.. I wonder if it would be bad to had my daughter some money and just have her order pizza every night?? Nah just joking wouldn't do that :)

I am excited to see that Game Guard will be gone at the release of Aion. I was all for GG. I don't like 3rd party bots, I don't like 3rd party cheats, and I am not a big fan of addons. I think all this stuff takes away from the game the way it was meant to be played. So hopefully they will get the kinks worked out or either jackasses wont try to mess this game up like every other MMO but that is pretty doubtfull.

Anyway I have another Blog to write for the day, yes I know I haven't written many in the last week or so and going to put out 2 today. Sowwies :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Open beta comes to an end...

Let me just say this beta I enjoyed myself immensely. As I said Infuse and I rolled Glad/Cleric. Can I just say ... Cleric's OP much? hehehe... out of about 30 duels with him I beat him 3 times. I just couldn't keep him from healing. I would get him down and he would heal almost to full every time. Last night before the end of beta him and I went into the arena. Both of us lvl 25. We went in because a guild mate of ours was in there getting his ass kicked by lvl 18-27's. He was level 14, so we went in to help and get a little ummm pay back/vengence. There was about 10 or so people in the Arena. We came in and literally kicked everyone out of the arena. SO MUCH FUN. Watching a lvl 27 assassin try to gank me and fail miserably at it cracks me up.

I am going to miss the cleric/glad combo. but it will be Ranger / Ranger. I will roll a glad once I get to see the end game on my ranger.

I am trying to think of some stuff to share after open beta and I can not really think of anything. Other than the fact there are about a ton more quests to do than there was. We didn't really hit a lull spot. So now I will go back to C-Aion and patiently await launch.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

C-Aion vs OBT vs Launch

I do not want to be a negative Nancy here so I am going to stay away from the topic of lag, gameguard etc... I am not writing about how unplayable the game has been the last 2 days, Since I was in C-Aion I know very very well that NCSoft can handle these issues and I feel sure by the time launch swings this way it will be golden.

SO I will talk about the good stuff so far. I rolled Elyos with my guild this go around not the side we will play at launch and I have no idea what server we will be playing on, however so far in the last 2 days I have gotten to lvl 16 3/4. This time around I am leveling with Infuse, he made a Cleric to be my heal bot on the Gladitor. Cleric/Glad much better than Glad/Ranger combo. Chanter/Ranger combo isnt bad either and Ranger/Ranger just owns. Anyway we have pretty much just been flying through levels. I am also finding it erm I dont know if I would say easier but easier to skill up my crafting as well as gathering ... with the exception of Aether. I really wish that while flying to get the Aether you didnt have a chance to fail at gathering it. Maybe it isnt easier but I didnt spend much time in C-Aion gathering mats, I just bought the stuff I needed or it was morphed for me to get as high up as I am with it.

Anyway I am working on what my 5th time rerolling now... and I am still enjoying the lower levels. I will say though that I do miss alot about C-Aion and closed Beta's. I want the faces back, sure keep the ones that were added but give us the option to use the ones we are used to as well. The voiceovers/sounds... ummm can we have those back to, I am not so sure I like the english version of it at all. I miss play Asmo cause well Elyos dont have that little flip when they jump in the air... Also whats up with the laying on the cloud to sleep, Asmo's get a magic carpet that they sit on lol... Cheesy...

Anyway loving it still and dont think I will be burnt out on this game for a while. Have fun in OBT guys...

For the record I am I will be rolling a Ranger as a main come Launch just checking out the Glad which I love btw...