Sunday, October 11, 2009

Asmo takes a FORT!!! What???

So yeah yesterday I wrote that I wasnt sure what was going on with the Asmo on my server... Someone must of lit a fire under their asses because last night we had 2 Forts come up to take. The Sulfur fort went to Balur but not without Asmo trying like hell to take it as well. We had all the artifacts but the one on the ground and Elyos couldnt take them back. We had them well defended but the numbers on the Elyos side when we got down to the fort was insane. Balur beat us in the fort and to the Diety. I am not sure how they can get in without beating down the door but whatever hehe.

We Moved to the Western Siel Fort since it was next up. Did the same thing there took all the artifacts... this time we beat the door down and made it in before Balur even showed up. We cleared Elyos and had the Diety down to about a 1/4 of his health when all hell broke loose and he started AOEing like crazy with all the Elyos up top firing down. So we regrouped and went back in ... Wiped Elyos and killed the Diety. Now Asmo owns it's first fort on my server. We had so much fun. WE only had a 4 man group from my legion. Me, Tingting, Arithion and Stoyadoll. 3 Rangers and 1 Chanter lol!!! 200+ Elyos kills plus a fort.. VERY NICE... GRATZ Asmo and thanks guys I had a blast last night.


  1. GO ASMO GO!! We have so much fun taking these fortresses!!


  2. it doesnt matter anymore - GoodbyeJanuary 23, 2010 at 2:21 AM